Equipment and Services

The Nannoworks Laboratory houses numerous equipments suitable to analyze various samples not only related to paleontological, sedimentological and stratigraphic research, but also materials science and other engineering fields.

SEM and EDX Analyses* Rates (as of April 2022)

  Academic Rate** Industry Rate
Coating (Metal or Carbon) ₱500 per run ₱500 per run
SEM Imaging ₱2500 (3 photos) ₱3000 (3 photos)
  ₱4500 per hour (unlimited photos) ₱6500 per hour (unlimited photos)
EDX and SEM Analyses ₱3500 per sample (max. 3 shots) ₱4500 per sample (max. 3 shots)

*Note: We do not accept POWDERED or WET samples.
**Please send/bring a letter with a summary of the study as well as the abstract. For inquiries on SEM-EDX Analysis, please email us at

To request a schedule for SEM and EDX Analysis, please fill out the form here:


Service Rates (as of April 2022)
Foraminifera Analysis ₱ 2520
Nannofossil Analysis ₱ 2464
Grain Size Analysis ₱ 1680
Wet Sieving ₱ 2800

Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rate (as of April 2022)
Centrifuge (1 run of 20 mins) ₱ 100

Frequently Asked Questions


Please refer to the SEM-EDX rates table above.

Please see the banner of this website for updates or email us at

For 2024, the usual schedule is every 1st and 3rd week of the month, a Tuesday or Wednesday, and either at 10AM and 1 PM only. Only 2 appointment days are available per month. This will be the default schedule unless otherwise specified through email.

We only analyze solid and dry samples. We do not accept wet, powdered samples, or samples with very high carbon content (e.g. coal). For powdered samples, please make sure you compact them into a pellet, or email us with a photo and description of the sample for consideration.

The samples are mounted on a stub the size of a 25-centavo coin (diameter: 20mm). Ideally, the sample will not exceed the coin’s diameter. The stage can accommodate 4-6 stubs, depending on the stage used and the size of the sample.

Carbon tape is used to fix the sample on the stub.

Yes. Please make sure the sample is dry and small enough to fit on a 25-centavo coin. Otherwise, we can only cut your samples using normal scissors. All sample preparation should be done by the client prior to the analyses.

Yes, we offer coating services. We have Au-Pd (gold-palladium) and carbon coating only. Please refer to the table above for the rates.

Please see the request form for the next available schedule.
For 2022, the usual schedule is every 1st and 3rd week of the month, a Thursday or a Friday, and either at 10AM and 1 PM only. This will be the default schedule unless otherwise specified through email.


Yes. At least one representative should accompany the SEM operator. Please submit vaccination cards and answer the request form 1 week prior to the requested schedule. This will give us enough time to request for a permit to enter the SEM-EDX laboratory.

No. We only do SEM imaging and EDX. For image analyses and measurements, we suggest clients to use other image-processing software such as ImageJ.

No, only the SEM operator can handle the machines during the analysis. To ask permission to operate the SEM (for instruction purposes or other reasons) please write a formal letter of request addressed to Dr. Alyssa M. Peleo-Alampay (Faculty-in-charge, UP National Institute of Geological Sciences) and send to


As soon as you provide us a proof of payment (e.g. photo of receipt or signed disbursement voucher and purchase request) through email, we can release the results.

The results can be given physically thru a CD or sent thru email.

A billing statement will be issued by the SEM operator through email or physically. Please present this together with your payment to the UP Cash Office located here. You may pay before the scheduled appointment to immediately get the results after the analysis.