The International Nannoplankton Association (INA) Meeting is a conference held approximately every two years since 1985. This conference gathers together scientists worldwide who have an interest in living or fossil nannoplankton – including coccolithophores, nannoliths, and other mineralizing nannoplankton such as silicoflagellates and calcispheres. Academic scientists and industrial biostratigraphers give talks on various pure and applied fields of nannoplankton studies. Workshops on current issues of interest in the field such as methods, correlation, taxonomy, biostratigraphy, etc. are also part of the conference. INA meetings have most often been held in Europe, but three meetings have been hosted in mainland US and Puerto Rico. INA15 will be only the second time that the conference has been held in Asia. It is a friendly meeting with a lot of student participants and for anyone who works on nannoplankton, it is a unique opportunity to exchange experiences with fellow specialists, learn the state of the art and develop professional contacts across the globe.

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