For Students and Researchers:
This website is a good resource for those who don’t know what they’re searching for just yet! It hosts a lot of resources from dictionary of geologic terms to pictures of rocks and minerals.

United Kingdom Virtual Microscope (UKVM)
This resource contains a wide collection of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks from around the UK, with views from both in hand and petrographic samples.

This is an open access site created by the Society for Sedimentary Geology. It is a good resource that covers a wide range of topics in sedimentary geology.

Planktomania is a great resource for students and researchers alike who want to focus on the world of the microscopic and the tiny organisms that live in our seas.

Geosciences Education & Mentorship Support
This program provides mentorship and support to undergraduate/graduate students in applying for MSc/PhD programs in geosciences. So far, this program is focused on US-based geosciences programs.

Alex Strekeisen
A database of photomicrographs of thin sections of different rocks. This is a good resource material for studying petrology and petrography. Language is both in English and Italian.

A database of photomicrographs and a useful resource for mineralogy and petrology.

SandAtlas shows different photographs of rocks and minerals, as well as sand samples. Great to use for teaching different types of rocks.

GradMAP Philippines
GradMAP is a collective initiative of Filipino graduate students abroad helping in mentoring prospective Filipino students applying to universities abroad.

For Researchers:

A database of foraminifera and nannofossil species, with description, age distribution. A useful reference for micropaleontology students and researchers!

Copernicus Marine Science
This site allows you to download different ocean data from twin satellites: Sentinel-3A and 3B from the European Union.

PANGAEA: Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
This site is a compilation of datasets from published works. It is very useful to reconstruct graphs that may be incorporated in your research.
One of the most detailed and accessible databases of foraminiferal species in the world.

Illustrated Glossary of Terms Used in Foraminiferal Research
An important reference when writing scientific research related to foraminifera.